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Chaos Mentors How-To

➔ hier entlang zur deutschsprachigen Version

  • Join us in the ChaosPatinnen BBB Chat and say „Hi!“
  • Find an interesting talk in the Fahrplan and attend the talk at media.ccc.de.
  • Attend a talk in a language you don't understand with real-time translation
  • Drink a (Virgin) Tschunk / Club Mate / Flora
  • Make a new awesome friend in the IRC - Ask them about something they created!
  • Use pillows and blankets to create your own „fort“ extension of the ChaosPatinnen Virtual Assembly!
    • Add String Lights (e.g. from last christmas) for enhanced atmosphere!
    • Add soft toys to your „fort“ for company. (Talking to soft toys is totally normal behavior around here)
    • Send Pictures! Upload to Twitter with #Chaospatinnen !
  • Leave us some Feedback: Feedback-Pad
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