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Hidden Service - A Digital Distributed Online-Chaos

April 2020, hackerspaces everywhere are closed, and all events cancelled. Chaos is disappearing from shared spaces, workshops and craft corners, and retreats into the living room.

The community can only stay visible through the hidden hero of Chaos: the infrastructure. Mostly ignored and assumed to be a given, the decentralized, non-commercial, and tracking-free services allow Chaos to continue to be Chaos. These otherwise hidden services become more visible than ever. Video and audio conference systems allow hackspaces to be transferred to the virtual realm; pads, gits, and wikis enable us to continue to work together. It's time to stay home, but no time to go into hiding.

Our (virtual) lecture hall is called Feinler.

Twitter: @dic3voc
Mastodon: @dic3voc@chaos.social
E-Mail: divoc@hamburg.ccc.de
IRC: #divoc on the Hackint network
Matrix: #divoc-en:fairydust.space

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