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DiVOC - A Digitally Distributed Online Chaos


DiVOC — „Digitally Distributed Online Chaos“ — is a series of online chaos events. Part of these are the self-organised sessions, which you are very much welcome to keep alive and kicking in-between or after events. Have fun!

If you would like to help us create and shape any future DiVOCs, we welcome your e-mail to divoc-ptt@hamburg.ccc.de

Previous events

DiVOC: Push to talk (September 2020)

During the past couple of months, we have increasingly moved our lives into cyberspace, where chaos is digitally distributed.

We have gone on-line for events, streamed content and clicked on talk recordings. There was lots of lecturing — now we are looking for more interaction: Instead of just watching a stream, let’s go do cool stuff together!

From September 4-6 we will have the third digitally distributed online chaos, this time under the theme “Push to talk”.

What's happened so far

DiVOC: Hidden Service (April 2020)

April 2020, hackerspaces everywhere are closed, and all events cancelled.
All events? No! Chaos has come together — digital and distributed, but collaborative nonetheless.

April 11th and 12th, 2020, saw the first Digitally Distributed Online Chaos (DiVOC) taking place: Under the motto „Hidden Service“ talks were given, sessions were self-organised and old and new friends were (re)met online.

DiVOC: HomeLounge (May 2020)

Starting Wednesday 20/5 till Sunday 24/5 we brought c3lounge to your devices. Live DJs and Live Music! While coding in the basement or BBQing in the garden. While soldering in the lab or chilling on the couch, c3lounge will be with you for four days.

If you are located in the Rhein-Main area you can listen in on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night from 11pm to 5am on Radio Darmstadt at 103.4 MHz!

What happens next

Digitally distributed chaos continues — with Self-organised Sessions. Enjoy!

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