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Push to Talk—A Digital Distributed Online-Chaos

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During the past couple of months, we have increasingly moved our lives into cyberspace, where chaos is digitally distributed.

We have gone on-line for events, streamed content and clicked on talk recordings. There was lots of lecturing — now we are looking for more interaction: Instead of just watching a stream, let’s go do cool stuff together!

From September 4-6 we will have the third digitally distributed online chaos, this time under the theme “Push to talk”.

Call for Participation until August 14th!

Important info

Our virtual lecture hall is named Schneider-Hoover.

Contact to orga team and fellow chaos creatures

Twitter: @dic3voc
Mastodon: @dic3voc@chaos.social
E-Mail: divoc-ptt@hamburg.ccc.de
IRC: #divoc on hackint network
Matrix (en): #divoc-en:fairydust.space

Do you want to share things? Then head over to the user space.

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