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How can I watch the talks?

Simply go to https://streaming.media.ccc.de and start the live stream.

The translated audio is also part of the stream. Please check your client on how to change audio channels.

Are you the Online MRMCD?

We use the pretalx of the MRMCD for our talk schedule (thanks a lot to them for providing the IT infrastructure!) but we are a different team. We will not replace the MRMCD, we just opted for the vacant date as many creatures (both organisers and participants) had probably already reserved this slot for a chaos event.

What's the deal with the name of the lecture hall?

Our virtual lecture hall is named after Erna Schneider-Hoover who has, among other things, invented a revolutionary computerized telephone switching method.

How can I participate in a workshop?

Look for the workshop in the list of Self-organized Sessions. The organizer should have provided a participation link and further information there.

How much does this cost? Where can I donate?

Participation is free, everyone is welcome to join!

If you like, you can donate an amount of your choice. Here are some organisations that could use your support in the current times:

Where can I sign up as an Angel?

Will there be merch?

Merch is available from Breenbuedel and can be ordered until September 13th.

How can I meet and greet my co-creatures?

The PoC has once again set up their excellent phone system via SIP.

You can chat with other event participants in the IRC channel #divoc on the Hackint network. You can join directly from your browser by clicking this link and choosing a username for yourself (a password is not needed).

If you want to hear and/or see each other, you can use one of the conference services that we also recommend for workshops and self-organized sessions. There is no „official“ room, but you can jump-start one via IRC (from the previous paragraph).

I missed a talk, can I watch it later?

All talks will recorded and will eventually appear on media.ccc.de. Please allow for some time to do the editing, audio balancing etc.

Impatient? In the meantime, you can watch the uncut sessions on DiVOC Re-Live.

The wiki is missing $topic!

Thank you for offering to help! Please create an account (if you haven't already) and start editing!

You can immediately create and edit pages in the user namespace — useful for exchanging information with other participants, for example.

If you have any suggestions for the main parts of the wiki, please let us know via our usual communication channels (see the next question); depending on the subject we can add your improvements or equip your account with the necessary permissions.

What's played as intermission music?

These tracks are played in between talks:

Further questions?

A novel and unprecedented event like this will probably raise a bunch of unexpected questions.

During the event, the infodesk is happy to help you!

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